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So what's this place about?

Like the name says, Priced to Sell. We're sourcing items that are quality, at a good price and putting them up on the site with a price to sell. We're all on a budget and that's no reason to pay an arm a leg for items you can get at a lower price. 

Are your name brands authentic?

Yes! We source our name brands from verified and trusted suppliers that have been in the business for years. Our suppliers are based in Canada, Italy, the UK and the US where authorities have strict and enforceable guidelines to Intellectual Property. So NO Chinese knockoffs!

How do you price your designer brands? Why are your prices lower than suggested retail?

We feel that transparency is the most important factor. When pricing an item our designer products are either surplus from the designer or from the previous season collection. 

So where is the shipping the cost? 

The shipping costs and delivery options become available in your cart and at checkout because we ship world wide and the many variations we offer, shipping costs vary. We ship all our designer brands with FedEx and DHL, with different delivery options. 

Are your items new or used?

All our items are NEW. Straight from the factory or the wholesaler and unopened and in its original packaging.

If I place an order does that mean I've created an account?

No, we do not assume you want to create an account.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No, an account is not needed to place an order. However, a valid email is needed to send you the confirmation order, tracking details of your order and for any correspondence. But keep in mind, just because you purchase from us, it does not mean you've created an account. You can create an account here

If I register with your website what do you do with my information?

When you register on our website, the only thing we do is send you a discount code to the email address you used for your first time registering and any further promotional discounts we initiate. We don't want to know your shopping habits or whatever other websites do to monetize your information. We have better things to do than monitoring people.

If I buy from your website what information do you need?

Like any monetary transaction, both the consumer and the retailer need to be protected. After all, we're also consumers. The only information we ask for is in order for us to be protected from fraud. The transaction itself is secured with the highest available security and we never see your full card number. 

How often do you have sales?

Every day. We are very proactive in sourcing items which means that when we come across items that we can provide at a discount, we'll put it up on our website. It is first come first serve, though, so make sure you check back here or follow us on Facebook here

Do your sales have a time-frame?

All of our items on sale come with several caveats. 1- Sales have an expiration date. 2- If supplies run out, the sale for that item is completed. So whichever of the two comes first, you might find the product today but it might not be available next time you visit our store.

How do I know I'm getting an item on sale?

We receive suggested retail prices from our vendors for the items we sell. From there, we deeply discount the items and put them on sale. In some cases we might have enough space to ship the items free of charge to you. In other cases, in order for us to pay our own expenses, we pass on the direct shipping charges as indicated by the vendor. We don't add a markup to any shipping.

Do you source items from Fair Trade or Ethically sourced vendors?

Yes. You'll notice an extra description on how, where, and who the items are sourced from and how your purchase makes an impact.

 How do I get in touch with you if I have any questions about the items or your policies?

Contact us at