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Summer Time Updates and New Supplier!

Summer Time Updates and New Supplier!

We hope everyone has been able to stay relatively safe during this pandemic and we realize that there are major inconveniences that we all have to adjust to. We'd like to give everyone an update on what has been going on since our last blog post in March. And there is quite a lot to update our subscribers and to any of our new customers that may come across our store.

Our free FedEx shipping campaign is coming to a close and is set to expire tonight, July 31, for our US customers. So if you haven't already, take a second look at that item you had your eye on but didn't buy! 

So here's the latest from our end:. 

  • Our new rewards program is now live! It's free and there are easy ways to level up your rewards account really quick! A store account with us is needed though to use those rewards. Signing up is easy and quick, you don't need any personal information when you sign up. If you've ordered from us but have not created an account, now is the time to sign up for an account and we'll credit your rewards balance with your past order! Reminder: ordering from us does not create an account nor does subscribing to our newsletter. We do not assume that you want an account created and sign you up when you order, we've made that intentionally optional for our customers! To sign up for an account, here is our link! When you sign up for a store account, you're automatically signed up in the rewards program.
  • We've moved our currency selector. It's now in the top right corner of every page if you're on your desktop and if you're on your mobile device it is located within the drop down menu at the top.
  • You can now find us on the SHOP app. You'll be able to shop, pay and track your orders when you purchase from our store via the SHOP app. What is the the SHOP app? Here is a link to with more information on what it is and how we're affiliated with SHOP. 
  • We've recently added a review section for all our customers out there to let us know how we did on your order, communication, tracking and quality of your items! We understand people don't like leaving reviews but we know you're out there! Leave us a review, even if it's bad! It will get published!

Which leads us to a question we were asked recently, "Why aren't you on Amazon?" Well, one reason is we don't believe in fake reviews. Amazon these days are full of fake reviews. Another reason is Amazon these days do a poor job in protecting the consumer from counterfeit products. And yet another reason, while Amazon provides a service, they take a hefty portion of any seller's sale. You might find an identical product on Amazon, that we carry here at our store (we haven't signed an exclusivity with our supplier), but chances are they're priced a bit higher than us. We would like to adjust our pricing as low as possible to provide our customers the best price as possible. 

Here is a link on reddit that has an interesting discussion about Amazon and further explanations and links to the Washington Post, The Atlantic and Forbes.



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