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Support Small Businesses, Tips on How To Protect Yourself

Support Small Businesses, Tips on How To Protect Yourself

More and more of us are shopping online. From groceries to pet food to just about anything anyone can think of, more than likely we can find it online. With that convenience, comes the risk of being scammed. To lower the risk of being scammed a lot of us go to the websites and companies we're familiar with and trust. The big general merchandise online guys, like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Wal-Mart or even the specific like Best Buy, Neiman Marcus etc. That's not always good thing because they're generally targets for hackers.

But what about the little guys that are just starting out? Most of us try our hand with an online business and find that we fizzle away under the competition of the of said behemoths or can't rank high enough on search engines. Sometimes buying local, even though its online, can mean you're supporting small businesses. That being said, as we've heard of someone or know of someone who has been scammed online, buyer beware.

To help narrow that divide between small online businesses and the corporate behemoths - and online retailers and us the consumers - we've compiled a list of great articles on how you can spot online scams and to make sure you're buying authentic products from Nike shoes to Michael Kors bag, Gucci sneakers to the Nintendo switch at really good prices from small re-sellers like us!

Here is the list, click through the titles for the links:

Better Business Bureau Tip Smart Shopping Online: Everyone in the US has heard of the BBB. For readers not in the US or not familiar, this is the place where consumers can lodge complaints on retailers and find remedy or warn other consumers of the retailer. This article provides tips for smart online shopping.

How To Find if a Website is Legitimate: This article by the staff at wikiHow helps consumers spot an illegitimate website. Great tips here and we even learned about Google's Transparency Report

Google's Safe Browsing Site Status: Check any URL with this Google tool to see if a site has been compromised by hackers or phishing tools. From small online stores to large corporations, great tool to use if you want to know Google's opinion. 

Online Shopping Scams: This article is from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. Great, universal article on spotting warning signs and how to protect yourself. 

How To Detect Fraudulent Sites Selling Fakes: This one is awesome, because not only is it from EuroPol, counterfeit items are the biggest drag on re-sellers like us selling authentic items. 

Shopify Battles Scammers Behind Fake Web Stores: We're a Shopify store and this one is really cool because it shows that Shopify is tackling the issue of fraudulent stores set up with their service.

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